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A web based repository of knowledge built using a wiki technology in multiple languages through a large collaborative effort about topics chosen by the participants.

Wikipedia is a resource used to retrieve electronically organized information about an enormous variety of subjects described by a consensus writing process.  It is an example of the great success of using hyperlinked information organization. More simply put, it has descriptive information about almost any conceivable topic.  The success is mostly attributed to the wiki philosophy of authorship by any user.  The open development model allowed a great number of people to create a large quantity of articles in a short amount of time, accessible through a common method.

For its own description of itself go to This description is fairly in depth, but it is unlikely to include information which lots of people disagree with. However, this wiki project reached critical mass and is a self motivating community of knowledge editors who must only be agreed with to succeed.  It is very useful for looking up information about practically anything in any language.

Wikipedia is notably the largest competitor in some sense of the word to Knol.